"What is your inspiration when writing songs?"

Louis “I would say life experience”.


louweetomlinson:    ain’t shit

Who we are: Our Autobiography Audiobook

Louis: part 1part 2, part 3 (x)

Aka, those times Louis had the chance to say something about his girlfriend, but didn’t do it.

And that one time he did it.


louis referencing natasha bedingfield’s 'these words' at niall after his proclamation to the crowd (pointed out by loupiter), 28/09/14

How to get Harry Styles to notice you at a concert: Be a dad.

meet & greet - charlotte 28.09.2014


Me knowing that the rest of the album could leak at any moment


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Louis and Zayn - Don't Forget Where You Belong
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Louis and Zayn’s duet


i woke up like this